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View of harbour showing both inner and outer walls and headland
Small deep harbour with rock fishing either side of the entrance. The harbour was developed to allow the copper ore mined at Parys Mountain to be transported. The harbour is a popular mark with comfortable fishing into deepish water. It can be fished at all states of the tide. A great venue for the mini species.
The bottom can be quite snaggy and float fishing from the harbour is a popular method for pollack and wrasse.

Summer Species
Pollack, dogfish, mackerel, wrasse, plaice, conger, smooth hounds and dabs will be the mainstay of your catch.

Winter Species
Whiting, dogfish, huss, dabs, codling, and conger.


View of harbour showing both inner and outer walls
Due to it's north facing location and local geography Amlwch offers a more shelted option when the west, south westerly winds are at their strongest. It has good access with parking close to the mark. You can fish the harbour itself either the outer arm or the inner arm. As well as the nearby rock marks.
For wrasse a float fished crab (hardback or peeler) or ragworm will be your choice bait. For pollock you can use float fished sand eel or worm baits. For bottom fishing best baits will be fish baits, mackerel, sand eel or bluey. These will be the favoured baits for dogfish, huss, conger and whiting. Worm baits fished on the bottom if your targeting plaice and dabs.
Each year the numbers of smoothounds being caught has been increasing.
Either side of the harbour there is good rocking fishing. Most anglers fishing the rocks will be targeting wrasse, polloack or feathing for mackerel in summer and in winter bottom fishing a large fish bait for conger.


Coming from mainland using either bridge:-
  1. Follow the signs directing you on A5025 to Amlwch. The A5025 is the main road linking town and villages on north coast.
  2. Cross either bridge and follow signs for A5025 (initially) heading north east.
  3. After aprroximately 15 miles you reach a roundabout with the B511. Take the 3rd exit Madyn Road. Where the road splits with a left and right fork stay to the left.
  4. At the junction turn right onto Machine Street.

View from the rocks at the righthand side of the harbour.
You'll then have options depending which part of the port you intend to fish.

For the popular outer arm and rocks to the lefthand side of the harbour.
Turn onto Craig Y Don (second turning not first one) follwing the road to the point where there's a car park on your left at the end of a row of houses. There's a small track on your right.
You can either park in the car park or drive down the track and park right on the harbour side. Follow the path around the harbour and your reach your mark.

If your fishing the righthand side of the port - continue down Machine Street following sign for the port. Turning left into Quay Street. Follow the road up to the right onto Upper Quay Street. If you want to fish the inside harbour wall take the left fork and follow the road to the harbour. Only really advisable at night or on a Sunday.

Be Warned! - If you park here during the week remeber it's a working port and parking is very limited on harbour side and there are forks lifts and various other machines operating there.

It’s better to stay to the right and drive to the carpark. From there you can access the harbour on foot or if you want to fish from rocks into deeper water. You also can go through the gate and follow the path to more rock marks along the headland.

Outer Arm LL68 9DW
Inner Arm LL68 9DB

Thanks to Colin Ellerton and Stephen Hothersall for providing input and pictures used here

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