Rough Guide to the Fishing Marks

This guide has been created calling upon my own experiences of fishing the marks in North Wales along with the the Dee Estuary and the Mersey. It’s aim is simple, to help you to get the most out of your time spent fishing.

The venues/marks covered are just a general guide to an area. I've concentrated on providing information based upon my own experiences.

And finally the advice my dad gave me many years ago:

“Never be afraid to ask a successful angler for advice,
and more importantly copy those who are catching
not those who are blanking”

The Stone Jetty Criccieth - Peace and quiet before the dogfish arrive.

About the Author

Stuart Johnson - Biography

I began fishing around the age of 9 when I realised there were small trout in the local stream. In the shallow stream the normal size of fish you could expect was in the 6-10oz range,although occasionally something a bit bigger would turn up. My best fish was one of 1lb 3ozs, and at 18ins (45cm) long it remains the largest trout I’ve ever seen from that particular stream.
My first experience fishing in salt water was fishing for mackerel off rocks around Saundersfootin South Wales. It didn’t start too well, until a man fishing the same rock mark saw fit to give me some advice. He looked at my rod and reel, asked what breaking strain line I was using,

“He then he pronounced I needed a 18g Toby (what ever one of those was) . . . The following evening, armed with my new 18g Toby I went out and caught 9 mackerel!

That man I later discovered was Clive Gammon (born March 29 1929, died June 10 2012) the well know Angling Author and Sports journalist.

Even to this day, some 40 plus years later I can still remember that evening as clear as if it was only yesterday and, catching mackerel on a single handed spinning rod and small lure is still one of my favourite forms of fishing.

I continued coarse fishing back home and only fished the se a during the families summer holidays.
When I started work and bought my own car was when I began to take sea fishing a lot more seriously. Initially targeting bass and flatfish from the estuaries of North West Wales catching plenty of bass, plaice, flounder and eels using a light ledger rod and small fixed spool reel, the sort of gear you’d typically use to catch small barbel and chub.

It was only really about 25 years ago that got the beach fishing bug and scaled up to heavier gear and started to concentrate more on winter fishing.

As well as sea fishing I still enjoy the barbel and chub fishing on my local river, the river Severn in Shropshire.
Now retired from 38 years as an IT Consultant I try and spend my time sea fishing at every opportunity. Although being 70 miles from the nearest marks trips aren’t as frequent as I’d like.

Stuart Johnson

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