Mersey Overview
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Last Updated September 2022

Information for the travelling angler using their own transport making their first time visit:-

The Mersey Tunnels

The two tunnels the Queensway Tunnel (Birkenhead Tunnel) linking Liverpool and Birkenhead and the Kingsway Tunnel (Wallasey Tunnel) are operated by Mersey Tunnels. Travelling by private car Each journey requires you to pay a £2 toll.

The Mersey Flow Sky Bridge

The Mersey Flow Sky Bridge is a toll bridge over the Mersey at Runcorn. Be careful using this bridge if traveling from M56 and heading into Liverpool passing the airport. The toll charges need you to go online and pay your monies. The signage informing you you’ve even crossed a toll bridge feels like it was put in place by Dick Turpin!

Pay & Display Parking

Almost anywhere you fish on the Liverpool or Wirral side of the river you're going to be charged to park. The image of the sign is a couple of years old so charges may be higher than shown.
Make sure you've got plenty of change!

Liverpool Marks

Mariners Wharf and Brunswick Dock

This is a very popular area of the Mersey. It's a great mark from disabled and wheelchair anglers offering a good well surfaced promenade with railings.
Roadside parking along this section has recently been limited to designated car parks. There is a pay and display car park at the Marina and another at the end of South Ferry Quay.
Being on the Liverpool side of the river it's best fished on tides below 28ft for your own comfort. Anything bigger and the tidal pull is very strong and holding bottom becomes very difficult.
Autumn and Winter will produce codling between 2lb and 4lb along with whiting.
Late spring through to early November will give a chance of thornback rays. squid wraps with a fishy filling, sand eel, bluey or mackerel are a top bait.

Tide Times for Liverpool


A promenade around 2 miles long with good access and parking for most of it's length.Almost exclusively a winter venue late September to April when the main target species are codling and whiting.
A popular match venue. Can be fished at LW in some places but most fishing is 3.5hrs up to HW and an hour after HW.
Tides over 8.5m can be hard work!

Tide Times for Otterspool

Wirral Marks

Perch Rock

This is a LW mark. You'll be fishing from sand into the main channel of the Mersey. Aim to get there about 3hrs before LW and expect to be fishing until 2hrs after low. As the tide ebbs a huge expanse of beach is exposed. The area around the green buoy is considered one of the prime marks.
It is a popular venue with a great reputation for producing good bags of fish. Tidal pull here is quite strong so heavy leads are needed. Over low you can find the deeper water with fairly short 30m cast.

Tide Times for Perch Rock
Town Hall Steps

A popular easy to access venue offering a good chance to catch a few winter codling. Low water fishing is off the beach and high water from the promenade. Access to the beach is via a slipway opposite Egremont Ferry Pub. This mark seems to fish better on the larger tides of over 9m.

Tide Times for Town Hall Steps

Eastham 3 Marks

Eastham Tap

As far as the fishing and species encountered as well as tackle and tactics the marks are the same. The only thing that set them apart is accessibility and parking.
Almost exclusively a winter venue late September to late February would be considered the best months. The main target species are codling and whiting. Both venues can be fished at LW but the periods 3hrs up to HW and a couple of hours of the ebb are the most popular times.
Tides at Eastham of 10m plus can be hard work due to the tidal flow but even these aren’t too bad.

Eastham Jobs Ferry

A LW mark with limited space. Jobs Ferry is situated approximately half way between the Tap and the Slab. It's a very muddy mark which only becomes uncovered for about 3 hours either side of LW. It gives access to the main channel with a cast of just around 30m.
Can produce some good bags of codling at times. Tactics same as the Tap or the Slab.

Eastham Slab

Fishing is from an old concrete coal jetty. The platform has no railings and because of this, the gate onto it has been welded shut. It’s a bit of a scramble to climb over so if you’re not fit or confident in your ability to climb a 5ft gate give this mark a wide berth.

Species from the Slab are virtually the same as the Tap but there’s a better chance of rays

Access to the Slab involves a climb over a 6ft gate!

Tide Times for Eastham

Vale Park

Another very popular venue offering a good chance to catch a range of species. It is considered one the best LW marks on the Wirral offering a chance to get amongst the better fish. Over HW it offers comfortable fishing from the prom. In the main fishing over HW is onto clean sand.

Tide Times for Vale Park

Cod Corner and Monks Ferry

A sometimes snaggy mark named from it's reputation of producing some decent sized codling and cod in the winter months. Fishing is from the prom behind the Land Registary Building. Right by the finger post is the prime spot on 'The Corner'. Avoid the largest spring tides as these will drag your gear into the snags instead aim at the neap or mid range tides.

Tide Times for Cod Corner

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