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Anglesey Overview
Provides a variety of fishing opportunities from the boulder strewn steeply shelving beach as well as forms the rock outcrops into the small bay or into the Strait. A famed mark for bass which are present almost all year round. Other species include pollack, wrasse, huss, conger thornback ray’s, smooth hounds, dogfish, and mackerel. Dogfish seem ever present. Winter sees whiting, occasional codling, and coalfish joining the huss and dogfish. Almost any species that swims in the waters around Anglesey is likely to feature in catches at sometime. If your fishing a winter night be warned it’s a lonely place when fished alone. Being Easterly facing its a sheltered venue when the Island is exposed to the prevailing west, south westerly winds.
Over the warmer months it's a marked favoured by the lure fishing fraternity.

Nearest Post Code - LL58 8RP

Has a great reputation and will produce some decent fish. It can be fished at all states of the tide. Fishing over HW is best from point in the area of the righthand slipway. Over LW fishing is from the exposed sand to the right-hand side of the headland.
In summer bass and smooth hounds will be what most people target. In the late summer and autumn the huss, some very big ones are just waitng for a nice large fish bait! Winter brings whiting and codling.

Nearest Post Code - LL61 6EZ

Britannia Bridge
Fishing is possible 2hrs either side of LW. Casting left towards the bridge the ground is snaggy and tackle will be lost. Rex Hunt told us ‘Fish like Structure’ so as you’d expect the fishing is good on the rougher ground. Straight out and to the right the ground is cleaner.You’ll find the usual suspects here with dogfish, conger, and bass in warmer months. As the winter approaches bass will move out and whiting, codling and coalfish will move in to join the ever present dogfish.

Nearest Post Code - LL61 6AE

Gallows Point
LW. Casting left towards the bridge the ground is snaggy and tackle will be lost. Rex Hunt told us ‘Fish like Structure’ so as you’d expect the fishing is good on the rougher ground. Straight out and to the right the ground is cleaner.You’ll find the usual suspects here with dogfish, conger, and bass in warmer months. As the winter approaches bass will move out and whiting, codling and coalfish will move in to join the ever present dogfish.

Nearest Post Code - LL58 8YL

Llandonna Beach
A shallow easterly facing beach where the tide goes out a long way. Probably best as an early season beach for school bass. A very quiet beach even during the summer months. Other species your likely to encounter will be dogfish, flounder and dabs with winter bringing in the whiting.
The shallow water just off shore is abundant with razor clams. These may be worth a try for bass after a good easterly blow.

Nearest Post Code - LL58 8UN

On the east coast of Anglesey approximately 9 miles from Menai Bridge lies the small village of Moelfre. There are various rock platforms offering easy access. Bottom fishing is quite snaggy in places. The huge mackerel shoals in summer draw the holiday 'fluff chuckers' to bag up on the easy pickings. Other species on offer during summer months are smooth hounds, dogfish, pollack, wrasse, dabs and strap conger. Winter sees more dogfish, whiting, coalies, small codling, strap conger and bullhuss. Late Autum offers your best chance of PB bass.

Nearest Post Code - LL72 8LG

Lligwy Beach
Another easterly facing and very shallow clean beach. Busy during the summer months with holiday makers. This means you need to pick the tides that coincide with when it will be quiet.
Best fished from an hour down to LW and back up on the flood tide. Good fishing for flatfish and when there’s a bit of surf always a chance of a few bass. Winter will see small whiting, dogfish after dark with flounder and there will still be a chance of bass if the weather isn’t to cold. Worm and crab are prime summer baits with fish baits in winter for dogfish and whiting.

Nearest Post Code - LL72 8NL

Point Lynas
A mark with a great reputation. In summer it gives you the chance of some big wrasse and pollack in the 2lb to 4lbs bracket. There will be the ever present dogfish all year round. If you chasing a more prized catch you’ll have to find a way past them to something a bit bigger such as the conger, huss and thornback rays. Codling and whiting numbers increase in the colder months. A mark revered by some and dreaded by those who like to fish right out of the car.

Nearest Post Code - LL68 9LT

Holyhead Breakwater
Probably the best known Anglesey mark. At one time, not too many years ago you could drive your car onto it and along the whole 1.7 miles to the end. Sadly that’s no longer the case today. So be prepared for a hike! From where you now have to park to the end is approximately 1 ¼ miles.It offers fishing on both the inside and the outside. The outside is very rough ground and even though you may reach clean sand with your cast you’ll more than likely snag on the retrieve especial so if there’s a fish on.Most sane anglers fish the inside which is cleaner ground. As you expect with any structure sticky out into the sea for nearly 2 miles there’s an abundance of species to be caught. Highlights are the quality of smooth hound fishing over the summer months, the conger fishing (off the outside) and the chance of a decent cod in winter.

Nearest Post Code - LL65 1YG

The beach is faces south west so even a modest breeze from that direction will give a nice surf. Best fished on the incoming tide from LW. Bass are the main quarry from this beach, they arrive early and stay late so become viable targets from early March right through to December. In some years when the winter is a very mild one they can be caught virtually all winter. Crab and ragworm for the bass. Fishing off the rocks to the right give best chance of a thornback ray. Winter sees
an influx of whiting and coalfish to join the ever present dogfish.

Nearest Post Code - LL63 5AZ

Small deep harbour with rock fishing either side of the entrance. The harbour was developed to allow the copper ore mined at Parys Mountain to be transported. The harbour is a popular mark with comfortable fishing into deepish water. It can be fished at all states of the tide. The bottom can be quite snaggy and float fishing from the harbour is a popular method for pollack and wrasse.

Nearest Post Code - Outer Arm LL68 9DW, Inner Arm LL68 9DB

Cemaes bay, Anglesey
A fairly sheltered beach in all but northerly winds. It is in the main a sandy to the right of the short breakwater. You can fish from the beach, the breakwater or the more adventurous can try from the rocky headland’s either side of the bay. The species available will vary depending upon the time of year but you can expect dogfish, small wrasse and pollack along with flatfish, bass and mackerel. Winter brings in the shoals of whiting on shore and also occasional codling where there’s some life in the sea.

Nearest Post Code - LL67 0ND

Sandy Beach (Penryhn Bay Caravan Park)
A very popular beach in the summer so best to plan you trips for early mornings or evenings and night tides. Bass and smooth hounds are the main target in summer. Bass when there is a good surf and smooth hounds when the sea’s flat calm. For both bass and smooth hounds crab is the best bait. Fishing is normally 2hrs either side of LW and a nice warm summer evening is prime time. You will of course find dogfish are also on the menu. Winter will see whiting, more dogfish as well some coalfish and occasional codling.

Nearest Post Code - LL65 4YG

Church Bay
In the main the beach is clean and snag free. Summer and autumn offer the chance of decent bass especially when there’s a bit of life in the sea. There’s also bullhuss to double figures along with their smaller lesser spotted cousins the infamous dogish as well as flounder and dabs. In calm conditions there’s a chance of smooth hounds.
Fishing is best 2hrs either side of HW. Winter sees whiting, coalfish and occasional codling.

Nearest Post Code - LL65 4EU

In summer the rocks either side of the bay give you the chance of wrasse, mackerel, pollack, bass along with dogfish and flatfish. Bigger baits will be required for the huss, conger and occasional rays.
Winter will offer whiting, coalfish, codling, and dabs as the main species.

Nearest Post Code - LL65 2NJ

Cymyran Beach
The beach extends from a rocky outcrop at it’s south eastern end to the channel referred to as the river mouth at it’s north western tip. The so called river is actualy the sea water channel which divides Holy Island from the rest of Anglesey.
Most of the fishing is concentrated where the channel joins the sea proper. Bass will be the main target here in summer with plaice, flounder and pollack also available. From the beach itself the main species will be dogfish along with small eyed ray and bass.
When winter approaches you will find whiting and coalfish. If the winter is a mild one then bass will be a viable target species right through the winter months. Being a shallow beach facing south west it will offer best bass fishing when there’s a bit of life in the see. However being a surf beach even a fairly moderate wind can create the right conditions and in severe winds the place is unfishable.

Nearest Post Code - LL65 3LF

Cable Bay (Porth Trecastell)
This mark is best fished on a flooding tide from the rocks either side of the beach. The right-hand side is the preferred side. It can be quite snaggy in places but fishing from anywhere close to the point a cast of 50-60 yards will see you over clean sand. the further round the point to the right the ground is much snaggier.
The mark is renowned for the size of rays it produces each year. Rays into double figures are possible. As well as rays you’ll find bullhuss, pollack, wrasse, strap conger (with occasional larger fish) and of course dogfish. Winter will offer whiting, dogfish, coalfish and occasional codling.

Nearest Post Code - LL63 6TE

Wylfa Head
It’s reputation was made for the quality of bass fishing available all year round due to the warm water outfalls from the power station. The power station is now in a decommissioning stage. During summer months the headland below the lookout hut is a place for good size wrasse, pollack, and conger eels. From the look out hut moving towards the beach you will catch wrasse, dogfish, pollack codling.
In the winter months the headland will offer the chance of bigger codling as well as coalies, whiting and pollack. moving towards the beach will see dogfish, whiting dabs and bullhuss some to double figures. There’s also many mentions of ling. At any time a big fish bait is always going to offer the chance of contacting one of the big congers that frequent this type of mark.
Wylfa Newydd (literally New Wylfa) is a proposed new nuclear station on a site adjacent to the old plant. An application to build two advanced boiling water reactors was submitted by Horizon Nuclear Power to the Office of Nuclear Regulation on 4 April 2017. So at sometime in the future it may again become the bass Mecca or it could be off limits.

From the A5025 heading north. Turn right before the main gate and continue to a set of gates. Park there and follow the path through the kissing gate.

Nearest Post Code - None
53°24'54.9"N 4°28'29.8"W

Ravens Point
Summer the time to target big Wrasse and pollack along with dogfish, dabs and an increasing number smooth hounds. Along with the former there are also rays and bullhuss. rays can easily reach double figures and sand eel is the bait for them. The area around Ravens Point is popular with holiday makers and parking at the height of summer can be tricky. Be careful where you park and keep an eye open for signs warning of clamping!!
Winter will see increasing numbers of dogfish joined by the shoals of whiting. In Late January coalfish will become more numerous and fish to 3lb’s can be expected with the occasional larger fish amongst them. The coalfish will take crab (if you can get it), lug tipped with off squid and ragworm also score well.
Conger are taken all year round and fishing a large makerel, bluey or herring bait will tempt them.

Nearest Post Code - LL65 2AJ

Probably the most talked about Anglesey venue of them all. A rock mark which fishes really well from late autumn and early spring. Most anglers who fish this mark are targeting the rays, thornback, small eyed and spotted all feature in catches.
The seabed is mainly sandy and there’s a fair depth of water. The further left you go behind race circuit the rougher and snaggier the sea bed gets. Dogfish are abundant all year round and especially so after dark. There’s also pollack, conger, huss and wrasse. In fact if it swims in the Irish Sea you'll have a chance of catching it from this mark.
Fish baits, sand eel, larger launce and squid are the most popular baits. If you want conger find the snaggier marks and be prepared for some tackle losses.
Winter sees whiting and coalfish along with huss, dogfish and conger in numbers. Fishing is most productive over HW and LW slacks.
A mark to treat with the utmost respect and avoid if there’s a strong or storm force wind from west or southwest.

Nearest Post Code - LL63 5TG

Llandwyn Island
Another one of Anglesey’s most prized marks. If you want summer bass and smooth hounds it’s a must try venue. Same old parameters apply; a bit of surf if you want bass and nice warm calm conditions in an evening for smooth hounds. There is also a good chance of getting a thornback ray along with an number of dogfish. In winter there are plenty of whiting, dogfish, coalfish with codling and bass also being realistic possibilities. The beach is reached by taking a Church Lane at the junction by Premier shop in Newborough. Follow the lane until you reach a toll gate where you pay (used to be £3) to enter the Nature Reserve. Continue to the car park (as close to the beach as you can)

Nearest Post Code - LL61 6SG

Porth Dafarch
Fishing off the rocks to the right hand side of the bay for bullhuss, dogfish, wrasse, bass and close in for conger, and rays. Summer will see plenty of mackerel on feathers and lures. When the nights drawn in and the winter gets going you can expect whiting, dogfish, coalfish and codling with one or two larger specimens amongst them.
Parking is on the roadside and even in summer isn’t too bad.

Nearest Post Code - LL65 2LS

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