Last Updated October 2022

Saltney to Queensferry

Saltney Bridge looking downstream towards Queensferry

The man made canalised section of the Dee Estuary with a high dyke type embankment on the right hand side of the river. Easy access offering good flounder fishing. This section of the estuary is uniform in its width and depth. It is the part of 5 mile (8 km) section which was canalised in the 19C and runs from approximately 1.5 miles below Chester weir to just below Harwarden Bridge at Shotton.

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Connah's Quay

Dock Rd, Connah's Quay

Although still just over 20km from the open sea this is the area is where the canalised section ends and the estuary proper begins. It's a mark which offers good shelter from any bad weather which can be very productive at times. Flounder, silver eels, plaice, school bass, whiting and even the occasional codling can be expected. This mark can offer a relatively sheltered option when the beaches along the North Wales Coast are too rough to fish

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Fishing From sea defense embankment

This stretch of shoreline is often the venue for fishing matches. It stretches from the small dock at Greenfield at its south eastern end for 1.6km to it’s north western extreme at the Fun Ship.
It is similar to Mostyn with regard to the species but unlike Mostyn the deeper river channel doesn’t come as close to the shore so it’s fished on the flooding tide and a couple of hours after high water.
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Sea defense embankment at Mostyn looking towards the
Fun Ship

A well known and often very productive mark on the Dee estuary. Traditionally considered a low water mark that is fished 2hr to 3hrs either side of low water. In recent years its potential as a high water venue has come to the fore. Whether fishing HW or LW it's best to avoid the largets spring tides. Neap and medium sized tides are best as the tidal pull isn't as strong and the fishing is a lot more comfortable.
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Talacre at low water. A walk of around 1.2km from
the beachside car park
A low water mark fishing into the main channel of the Dee. It's reached by a lengthy walk over the beach, a beach with many gullies which can fill behind you so take care. The best area to fish is considered to be to the right of the lighthouse (as you look out to sea).
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